Are you a professional writer looking to help others while making money? Would you have an occasional half an hour to do some work?

If the answer to these is YES then read on for an excellent job opportunity that should suit you down to the ground. We are looking for professional writers interested in helping students perfect their personal statements by writing, editing and proofreading them to bring them to the standard expected by today’s universities.

We have a number of work opportunities on personal statements available to writers:

  • Custom Writing

    You will be given information on a particular student, and you simply weave this into a professional and impressive personal statement to be included on a university application. You will be provided with lots relevant information but will be able to contact us if you need more.

  • Review and Critique

    You will be provided certain information about the student along with his or her personal statement. Your job will be to review the statement and offer the student at least 10 suggestions for improvement.

  • Editing

    You will be provided with student’s personal statement and your job will be either to amend it according to the comments provided by the tutor, or according to your opinion.

  • Critique and Editing

    You will be provided with certain information about the student along with his or her personal statement. Your job will be to review it and offer student at least 10 suggestions for improvement. Upon the student’s acceptance of your suggestions, you will be asked to edit the personal statement accordingly.

To apply for all four services, or for just a selection of them, please complete our application form. Please indicate which of the job opportunities you are applying for.

There are certain requirements that our writers must fulfil in order to help us maintain our high standards. These are:

  • A (minimum) 2:1 degree from a UK University
  • An excellent command of English
  • The ability to write persuasively
  • A UK bank account in order to accept our method of payment
  • An intolerance of plagiarism
  • Commitment to working hard and achieving high results
  • Outstanding grammar and excellent writing skills
  • The ability to work well under pressure

For more information please read our Vacancies FAQs. If you fit our requirements you are welcome to apply online. If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


WE BELIEVE Your satisfaction is paramount!

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Our primary focus is delivering a great service at a great cost. That’s why we guarantee no plagiarism and complete satisfaction with every purchase.



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