• Expert writers skilled in personal statement critique and review
  • A minimum of ten recommendations for improvement
  • Quick, simple process for delivery
  • Top class personal statements critiqued specifically to your requirements

If you are one of those people who have managed to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, and written a draft of your personal statement, then our personal statement critique service could be just what you need to polish your work into a professional personal statement that will be effective for the course and university you are applying for.

It is very difficult to critique your own work, especially something as important as a personal statement. When you have been writing and rewriting something for so long, you can often not see where mistakes have been made or where you could improve your copy. You need a fresh pair of eyes to give your personal statement a complete evaluation and critical analysis. The beauty of our service is that those fresh pair of eyes are professional, expert writers, who know exactly how to make your personal statement stand out from the rest.

Our experts will review your personal statement and give you a full and frank evaluation, with no less than ten recommendations for change, which will enhance and improve your existing personal statement. Our writers will highlight areas of your personal statement that can be improved to meet your overall aim, and will point out where your personal statement is strong and in which areas it falls below the mark. They will then suggest ways in which you can improve these failing areas, so that you are left with an outstanding personal statement that will hit the mark with the universities you are applying to.

This service is tailored specifically to people applying for university courses, and all our writers are skilled in producing top class personal statements that will amaze those responsible for admitting students on to their courses. Those responsible for admissions to university see thousands of applications, and even if your grades are good, they often rely on what you say in your personal statement to decide on whether or not you will be an asset to their university. This is why it is vital that your personal statement is as professional as possible, and why having your personal statement critiqued and improved by specialists could give you the added boost you need to set your application apart from all the rest.

You may know exactly how you want something to sound, but find that you have trouble finding the right words to express it in your personal statement. Or you may find that you have used a lot of repetition because you cannot find the words to make your point eloquently. Our writers will recognise this immediately when they see your personal statement, and will make recommendations on how you can improve it. There may also be points that you have missed which would be ideal for expressing how suitable you are for your chosen university or course. Again, our writers will pick this up immediately, and will make these points in the detailed review of your personal statement.

The process we follow in order to get your personal statement returned to you quickly and with a full and detailed critique and evaluation, together with a minimum of ten recommendations for improvement, is simple. You simply email over the personal statement you have drafted yourself and we will match a writer who is most qualified in your specific subject and who is skilled in writing personal statements for university admissions. The writer will get to work on your personal statement as soon as payment is processed, and it will be returned to you via email on, or frequently before, the agreed deadline. The writer will produce unique recommendations, which will be personally tailored to your personal statement and your requirements. We guarantee there will be absolutely no plagiarism in your personal statement, and that it will not be released for sale to any other person. The personal statement is yours and yours alone, and the only people who will see it will be your writer, the plagiarism monitor and your admissions tutor, who will be likely to add your application to the accepted pile.

So if you have been reading and re-reading your personal statement, and are now finding the words are swimming before your eyes, try our personal statement critique service. You have done some of the hard work, which is getting something on the page in the first place. Now let our expert writers take your words and work them into a piece of writing that informs, entertains and raises the bar for every other student applying to the same universities as you. We want you to succeed in your academic studies, and we know we have the skills and expertise to help you craft a stunning personal statement that will increase your chances and set you well on the way to a happy university career.


Your personal statement is vital in ensuring you get the university place you want. Don’t take a chance with it. Secure your university place today!