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Personal statements need to be perfect. They need to be professional. They need to be precise and they need to be personal. That is a tall order in any situation, but in the situation students find themselves in when writing a personal statement, it can be too much to ask.

Students will know what it is like to write under pressure, thanks to the exams that come before you even get a shot at applying for university. But trying to write something about yourself is a different kind of pressure, especially when it is something like a personal statement on which your whole future academic career could be decided.

We offer a number of personal statement services that can help students ensure they submit the very best personal statement possible. Our personal statement critique and editing option gives everything you need to have the perfect personal statement for your university application.

This service combines our personal statement critique and personal statement editing service, resulting in one of the most comprehensive personal statement review services available. Not only that, but our writers are experts in personal statement writing and any statement you receive from us is guaranteed to be 100 per cent original, created for you and you alone.

The process is a simple one, yet one that is guaranteed to get you the best results. Unlike some companies, we will not just edit your personal statement to how our expert writers see fit. Instead, our personal statement critique and editing service is a two-part process, as we want to ensure you are happy at every stage.

Firstly, you send us the personal statement you have written, along with some details about the university and course you are applying for. We will then match you to the most suitable writer we have available. All our writers have degrees from UK universities and are skilled in personal statement writing and editing. They have to undergo a strict induction in which all qualifications are examined and have to complete test essays and assignments, before they are eligible to receive any work from us. If we promise the best then we have to make sure we get the best, and anyone who falls below our high standards is refused employment.

Following the allocation of a suitable writer, they will then be instructed to start work on a full personal statement critique, highlighting the strengths of your personal statement and pointing out the weaknesses. They will provide you with a list of suggested improvements, things that in their expert opinion will make your personal statement stronger and give you more chance of making the right impression on the people who matter – those who decide whether you get into the university of your choice or not.

Once this is complete, we will then email you the list of suggested improvements, the personal statement critique, so that you can have a chance to look over the points that have been made and make any additions or amendments if you so wish.

As soon as we receive feedback from you, our writer will then set about making these all important changes, turning your personal statement into something which stands out from the rest.

On top of this the writer will do a full personal statement edit, correct any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or anything else that affects the flow of the personal statement. It takes a trained eye to do this to the highest standard, and there really is no substitute for a professional in this case. Your personal statement is then checked by our plagiarism software, to double check that it is completely original.

Your personal statement will then be delivered by email to your inbox, ready to be added to your university application form.

We guarantee that each personal statement will be exactly that – personal. It will be about you and you alone, and for you and you alone. Anyone who chooses our personal statement critique and editing service can be assured that their personal statement will not be sold, passed on or sent out to anybody else. This is because we are a reputable company, who believe in promoting academic excellence and giving everyone a chance at getting onto a course they will excel in. You can also say, the personal statement we have worked on with you would not be suitable for anyone else – as it is all about you.

With this you can rest assured that your personal statement is safe in our hands. We are an open, honest and transparent company, and if you are successful, then we are successful. Our reputation is second to none, and by using our personal statement critique and editing service, your personal statement will be as well.


Your personal statement is vital in ensuring you get the university place you want. Don’t take a chance with it. Secure your university place today!