We do not allow just anybody loose on your personal statement. In fact, we will not allow just any writer loose on your personal statement. We are committed to providing the best possible service for all of our clients, and that means sourcing the best writers, and making sure we match each writer to a task most suited to their skills.

Personal statement writing is a skill in itself, and we can guarantee that all of our writers have had to write their own personal statement at one time or another. This is because all of our writers are educated to a minimum standard of 2:1 at degree level. Also, each writer must have obtained a degree from a university in the UK. This means we can be sure their command of the English language is first-class, and in turn ensure that the work you receive is first-class too.

We take the job of employing personal statement writers extremely seriously. We are the only company who puts potential new writers through a challenging interview, and we check every academic claim and give them a sample assignment to complete. Using all this information we assess their suitability for a role with us. Many people get rejected and only the best make it through.

Because we employ the best personal statement writers in the market, we make sure we treat them with the respect they deserve. These are highly-qualified people, and we do not expect them to share their wealth of knowledge for a pittance. We offer the best remuneration packages for our writers, and in turn they remain highly motivated and consistently produce work of exemplary quality.

We continually receive excellent feedback from clients, and believe this is testimony to our strict employment regulations and our attractive remuneration schemes. Writers come to work for us, and then stay working for us. If they know we are the best service provider in this sector, then our customers can be rest assured too. An example of the qualifications and experience of our personal statement writers can be seen below:

BA Hons Journalism with politics, Advanced Certificate in Public Relations, Associate member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, award-winning journalist with seven years’ experience as a journalist, news editor and sub editor, three years experience in public relations representing high-profile blue chip companies and pharmaceutical companies.

Many of our writers, in fact, most of them, hold postgraduate degrees and PhDs, and have been producing academic assignments and personal statements for many years. Most of our personal statement writers do it for the love of the job, and not for the money. They are behind our work ethic of promoting academic excellence, and therefore want to see our clients do well.

Our personal statement writers love to get feedback from clients, letting them know the successes they have achieved, so if we have helped you onto a course with one of our personal statements then do get in touch and let us know.


Your personal statement is vital in ensuring you get the university place you want. Don’t take a chance with it. Secure your university place today!