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As I was growing up my parents often commented that I should go into accounting. A strange thing to say maybe, but seeing as I kept a balance sheet for my money box from the age of eight and shopped around at the age of 12 to find the young persons bank account that gave the best return, you can see why.

Logic, analytical skills and attention to detail are three important attributes you need to excel at accountancy. Add these to the drive, ambition and the ability to communicate on all levels, and you are perhaps a tenth of the way to having everything a good accountant should have.

I believe I have a number of these attributes, but more importantly, I want to learn and develop the ones I don’t have.

I have always excelled at school, particularly in maths and the sciences, but also in subjects like art and technology and design. I think this is due to their methodical nature, and in a way gives them something in common with accountancy.

I have studied maths, economics and business studies, and believe these three subjects have given me an excellent foundation to build on my accountancy studies. I organised a trip for our business studies class to a local business accountancy firm, as I was eager to see first hand how it worked, what they did day-to-day and to see if I could picture myself there in a few years time. And, as you can tell from this application, I could.

I was lucky enough to get two weeks of work experience with the same accountancy firm, and this has made my desire to study and follow accountancy as a career path even stronger.

I also took part in a schooling programme, where I helped to teach maths to children aged nine and ten. I thoroughly enjoyed this, and it gave me a real sense of achievement. While my goal is to become a business accountant, teaching is something that struck a chord with me and if it is not the career path I choose to do immediately, it is certainly something I want to explore in the future either as a career or through voluntary work.

Outside of college, I have a part-time job as a sales assistant at a high street bookstore, and I play guitar in a band. I also spend time writing songs and practising with the band, which has three other members. We have played a few concerts recently in our hometown, and have built up quite a following on MySpace. We have been together for four years, and despite having numerous setbacks along the way, such as not being hired for concerts and not having space to practice, we overcame them and carried on trying.

We understand that the band will have to take a back seat while we all start our university careers, but this is a sacrifice I am willing to make, such is my dedication and drive to study this subject.


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