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What began as drawing wobbly stickmen and women with chunky crayons to while away a rainy lunchtime at primary school has now become one of my life’s passions. Art is something that has become entrenched in my life, and so it makes little sense for me to even consider studying anything else.

There are other subjects that I feel I am equally as good at, but none of these evoke the emotion, the creativity or the buzz that art does. I don’t believe that I have chosen to study art, I feel that I have to study art. For me, it is not simply a launch pad into a career, or a way to combine a hobby with a university course. Instead it is a part of my life, and I yearn to learn more about it and develop the talents I have into something that at the moment I can only dream of.

I have been drawing, sketching and painting for as long as I can remember. Most parents have a few old pictures their bundles of joy have created throughout their school years. My parents have two boxes full. They also now have many of my watercolours framed and hung at home, as do many other relatives and friends. My work seemed to bring joy to people, and so I had, and still do have, the enviable choice of creating a new and original piece of art for those close to me, instead of spending money on bland gifts at Christmas or for birthdays.

I get inspiration from many places, be it a song, an expression or a stranger in the street. I carry a notebook with me to sketch ideas, as I am afraid they will float away as quickly as they arrive.

There are many artists I admire, for example, Paul Cezanne and Henri Matisse, and many that, while I find their work interesting, don’t appeal to my taste, such as Piet Mondrian. Nevertheless, I want to learn about these styles of painting, so that I may have a deeper appreciation for art and so I can develop my own work.

I have used the painting and drawing skills I have developed in many ways. I have created sets for productions at college, at my old primary school and even for my local theatre. I have designed CD covers for bands my friends belong to and have had my work on display at my local library/art exhibition centre.

I have a part-time job in a town centre pub, and I regularly create posters and flyers for any events that are being held there. I love being able to do this, as it allows me to work with computer design programmes and experience other aspects of art.

I am also fond of customising my own clothes, stitching my own symbol creations onto shirts and using buttons, beads and badges to create something original.

For me, studying art is the only thing I can see myself doing at university, and all my future plans involve art. My goal is to become a recognised artist, and regardless of what career moves I make, this will always remain.

I have already put a lot of work into achieving that goal, and I know that there is a lot more work to come. Hopefully, that all starts here.


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