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Within every group, whether it be a group of friends, a team of work colleagues or sports team, each person has a role to play. Within my close group of friends, my role has always been the organiser. Trips, holidays, parties, days out…you name it, I’ve organised it.

I took on the unpaid, but much appreciated, role of “group activity co-ordinator” for my friends early on in our relationship, and I have stuck at it ever since. I have organised two holidays for us, including payments, transport and schedules. This is quite a task when it involves a group of eight, ensuring that everyone knows what time we leave, how we are getting there, where we are flying from and so on.

While considering what A-levels to study, I was in the process of organising an end of term prom. As secretary of the school council, I should have left this to the events and fundraising officer, but I couldn’t help but get involved. It was here that I began to draw parallels with my organisational skills and the world of Business Administration.

Looking back at the holidays I organised, I believe the principles of Business Administration were at the very heart of my actions – effective communication, critical thinking, financial management and human resources.

It was as if I had found my calling, and so around this time I began to take a serious interest in the world of business. I was in the privileged position of being able to have access to a fully operation business as my father runs a public relations company. I was able to spend time with the Business Accountant and Administrator, and see first-hand what it takes to do the job.

This led me to my choice of A-levels in Business Studies, Law and Economics, to equip me for a degree in Business Administration.

When I am not organising the lives of my friends or hovering over the Business Accountant and Administrator’s shoulder, I enjoy painting. I find this relaxes me, and while my work may never be hung in the Tate, it gives me enormous satisfaction to see something grow from absolutely nothing into what can be loosely termed art.
I have recently taken up fencing, as I felt it was time I learnt a new skill. I am doing well and am up to Grade Three.

I would hope to take up other new hobbies during my time in university, and plan to be actively involved in student life. I enjoy writing and so would relish the chance to work on the student newspaper, and of course, I would be an asset to any group wanting to organise an event.

Business Administration is where I see my future, and I am hopeful that the future starts here.


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