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I have a strong interest in business, entrepreneurship, marketing and the global market, and Economics sits at the heart of each and every one of these areas. My personal goal is to master the market, but in order to do this it will be fundamental for me to first understand Economics. While a deep and diverse topic within itself, learning the core concepts contained within the Economics syllabus will open a myriad of doors and opportunities for me to develop my own personal approach to the world of business.

I believe Economics to be a crucial knowledge base that will help me to develop my own understanding of what is quickly becoming a closer and single global market. I firmly believe I have the personal drive, ambition and basic understanding of Economics to help me adapt quickly and successfully in this area of learning.

I first found myself taking more of an interest into the world of finance and market forces when I took up a work experience placement with a high street bank during my final year at secondary school. While sitting at the side of the tiller did little to stir my interest, it was the days I got to shadow the small business advisor that grabbed my attention. I was fascinated by the way in which small businesses were born, developed and helped in their search to find a niche in the market.

This experience had a profound affect on me and I became a regular reader of the Financial Times, which allowed me to keep a keen eye on the markets. Throughout my initial journey through further education I quickly found I was strong in the areas of mathematics, business studies, politics and economics. I was also intrigued to learn of the extent the fabric of each of these areas was intertwined, all related and responsive to one another.

During my final year of sixth form college I was lucky enough to spend two weeks on a placement with a well established office of stockbrokers. This was indeed a real eye opener, and much more enjoyable than I could ever imagined as by this point I could comprehend what was happening around me. For the first time I saw just how complex market forces could be, how attempts could be made to control them, and how at times there was no way to control them at all.

On finishing my A-levels I contemplated the prospect of taking a year out of studying to gain some real experience for a year before moving on to university. After reading about the course your university is offering, however, I quickly realised this was what I wanted to do. I believe I already have a high level of understanding when it comes to economics, and would relish the opportunity, and the challenge, of taking up a place on your Economics course.


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