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At the age of six, sitting with my younger brother and helping him to read was something I initially found a chore. But, keen to make a game of anything I found dull or uninteresting, I soon imagined I was my much-loved primary school teacher, Miss Edwards. I delighted when my brother succeeded and encouraged when he struggled. Feeling the warm glow of progress, I decided there and then that when I grew up I wanted to be a teacher.

Of course, the following week I wanted to be a vet, and the next week, a nurse. But when I came to seriously consider my future, it was this early memory that came to me and led me to pursue subjects and activities that would help me to reach this goal.

I believe that a desire to teach, enthusiasm and dedication for your subject are three key elements to teaching. Without these, it is difficult to inspire pupils to learn. Without that, teaching becomes lecturing, and lessons become a battle.

This is obviously the ideal, and even with these elements, lessons can be tough. I know this from first-hand experience thanks to three summers of running play and learn schemes in my hometown. Here I was in charge of groups of about 12 children aged 9-12. The idea was to teach science through play and experiments, and although it was not a classroom situation as such, it allowed me to have an insight into teaching.

I was able to build on this during a 12-week placement at a local primary school. This turned my desire to teach into a need to follow a teaching career path. I received outstanding feedback from the head teacher, and the teachers I worked alongside.

I also took part in a reading initiative while I was at college, where we would spend an afternoon each month at a school for pupils with special and additional needs. This voluntary work gave me an understanding of a different area of teaching, and has opened my mind to all the possibilities a career in teaching could bring.

Outside of college I enjoy playing the piano (I am Grade 5), and play netball for a local team. I would hope to be able to continue playing at university. I am also a football fan, and get to as many home games to watch my local team as I can.

I believe I have taken some positive steps through my work experience and activities towards a career in teaching, and am committed to studying towards this goal.


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