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My name is Roma McKenzie, a Civil Engineering graduate with a great deal of experience. I am now seeking a place on the Masters course in Civil Engineering at the University of Bristol in order to further my qualifications and to achieve my desired career goals. I possess many good qualities which I will endeavour to lay out so that you can get a picture of me as a student and as a person.

I shall begin with my qualifications. I have a very good academic background in that I hold 9 GCSEs at grades A-C and 3 A-Levels in English Language (A), Physics (B) and Mathematics (B). As mentioned in my opening paragraph, I am a graduate from the University of Bristol and I hold a 1:0 BEng in Civil Engineering. I believe that this qualification demonstrates my competence at studying this subject. I found the course incredibly interesting and it reaffirmed my belief that I have chosen the right course to study. As such, I wish to continue my studies in Civil Engineering in order to expand my knowledge on the subject. As you can see from my qualifications, I am an extremely hard-working, studious and motivated individual. I am sure this trait will continue enabling me to gain maximum benefit from this further study and to gain a greater knowledge of this subject. Therefore, as you can see, I have a great deal of experience within the field of Civil Engineering. Furthermore, I am very enthusiastic about this topic and have a keen interest in reading around the subject. I have read above and beyond my previous course material in order to ensure that I have a holistic, wide breadth of knowledge on this subject.

Whilst studying at the University of Bristol for my degree, I appreciated the teaching methods, the course material and the staff, which makes me very keen to return to your institution. The University of Bristol is an excellent educational establishment for Civil Engineering and it is for this reason also that I wish to continue my studies with the university that I graduated from.

On a similar note, I completed a summer placement for a large Civil Engineering firm, which has given me further experience in this field and has helped me to better understand the material that I have been taught in a real world setting. I found the placement very exciting as well as interesting. In addition, I believe that working on the summer placement has given me a greater scope of knowledge of what it will be like in the workplace and I was able to use the knowledge that I have been taught at university to my advantage in order to stand out at the firm. As with my studies, the summer placement really confirmed my belief that this is definitely the area in which I wish to devote my attentions to both in my academic career and my future employment. I hope that this confirms to you that I can operate efficiently outside of the learning environment and that I am willing to take on challenges and different experiences in order to further my education and career.

I am a very eager student, who is more than willing to ask questions if I do not understand a topic. I am not scared of hard work or difficult questions, as it offers me chance to demonstrate to you the range of my skills and understanding whilst also improving my knowledge and abilities past undergraduate to a more prestigious and specialised level.

Hence, I can honestly say that my desire to be accepted upon this Masters course is a combination of two main factors. Firstly, it is partly due to my interest into the subject area and secondly, partly down to my desire to gain a higher qualification. I hope this will enable me to stand out above candidates with just a degree to future employers as I wish to enter into a position that I take both an interest in but also have the skills and qualifications to fulfil the role properly and efficiently.

In closing, I trust that I have demonstrated to you my academic expertise that I have in this field and the keen interest that I take in Civil Engineering. I hope it is now clear to see that I am very passionate about this topic and certainly qualified for a place on the Masters Civil Engineering course at the University of Bristol.


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