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As the world becomes a smaller place, drawn together by increasingly intertwined economies and global markets, it is essential to have a firm understanding of finance to be successful in business. That is my goal – to be successful in business. Being someone who is already adept in mathematics, economics and business studies I feel developing an in-depth understanding of finance will fully equip me for the future.

I have always set myself extremely challenging goals to ensure I make the most of my abilities and avoid any complacency. Knowing that my achievements during my years of education will have a profound affect on my future, I have kept my drive and ambition at the forefront of everything I do. It is this drive and ambition that, in my opinion, will serve me well in today’s business world.

By learning to understand finance I believe I will be learning to understand the very fabric that keeps the world of business and commerce knitted together. This is a subject I have always had a strong desire to study, and I think this could be a perfect opportunity to fine-tune my skills before stepping out into the real financial world.

When I was in high school I went to a well-established commercial city bank as part of a two-week work experience placement. It was at this point I quickly realised just how complicated the world of finance was, but just how vital it was in controlling trade across the globe. I quickly found myself eager to learn more about finance, and surprised those I was placed with by the increasing interest I showed in what was happening on the front line, rather than hiding timidly away from the action.

When I left secondary education I was still unsure as to what I wanted to do in terms of a career, but was keen to develop my understanding of the world of business, commerce and finance. I was able to do this through a combination of the topic I chose to pursue during my years in further education, and by taking up a Saturday job at my uncle’s office. My uncle is a financial adviser; something that had never caught my attention before that time, but in time helped me focus on what I wanted to do. I also used this connection to arrange for further work experience placements during my time at sixth form college, which was helping me to see everything I was being taught about in practice.

When I complete my A-Levels I want to move straight on to university to continue my education, and a course in finance is tailor-made for what I want to study.


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