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After spending the past two years travelling the world I am now looking forward to returning home to complete my education. I left the UK after completing my A-Levels with little idea where my future lay, but that void has now been filled by my desire to focus my studies on geography.

I believe I have always had a keen interest in geography, starting from my GCSE and A-Level studies. However I believe it was seeing so much of the world that has fuelled my desire to learn more about the creative forces behind some of the truly wonderful sights that I have seen.

The simple things around me, like rocks, lakes and mountains, have always fascinated me. I have always been the outdoors type as well so it is no surprise I have developed a keen interest in physical geography. During my school years I found some of the geography studies rather tedious, and whilst I wanted to learn more I found the syllabus generally offered no stimulation.

Further education did little to convince me that this area of study could stimulate me any more, especially after weeks of studying soil erosion. But I think it may have been the years stuck inside the classroom, or the familiar surroundings of my home town that had in some way stunted my desire to develop a much more detailed understanding of the world around me, the way it was formed and the way it was shaped over the years.

It was this lack of motivation that led to me spending most of the past two years travelling the world. I was not convinced this time out would help me develop a strategy for my future, but it just appeared to be the right thing to do at the time. It did not take long for my interest in geography to rekindle through my sense of adventure and my love of the outdoors. I only need to name a few countries such as Iceland, Peru and Brazil to give you an idea of some of the landscapes I have had the good fortune to cast my eyes upon in the last two years. Some of the most fascinating sights I have seen have been the work of Mother Nature geography. All of a sudden I found myself recalling everything I had learned, applying it to what I had seen.

While I was pleased with how much I had actually learned during my school years, I quickly found myself wanting to know more. I now find myself very keen to develop my understanding of geography, more so than ever before, and the course your university is offering appears to offer everything I have been looking for. It is now time to put my last adventure behind me and embark on a new one at university.


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