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History is both fascinating, and vital for our future. Not only does history bring us a wealth of stories and events from the past, but it provides the experience and vital knowledge that will help us develop a sound future for generations to come. These are bold statements for any subject, but such is my firm belief in understanding the rich lessons that history has to teach us I can say it with conviction.

When I was a youngster I was fascinated by the programmes we would watch in school about how people lived during the early 20th century, the Romans and various elements of the monarchy. At the time they were as much reality as watching any other Hollywood tale, but that fact we were hearing these stories in school was much more appealing than mathematics. As I grew up and realised that these incredible stories of bravery, battle, love and disaster were in fact reality my interest continued to grow to a point where I could never get enough. While the school syllabus would give an overview of the Second World War, I would be busy at home scouring through books, television and later on the internet for as much extra information as possible. I found myself to be driven in this particular subject more so than any other.

After completing my GCSEs at secondary school, in which I achieved top marks in history, I had no doubt which path my studies were going to follow when I moved into further education. History was my first choice when it came to selecting A-Levels, and I also opted to study classics and English. As with my GCSEs I found no difficulty supplementing my studies outside of the classroom, and was fortunate enough to visit many sites of historical interest in Rome, Jerusalem, London, France and North Africa during my time at college.

I decided to spend my two week work experience placement with the local museum, and it was here that I really started developing an understanding between the devotion to collecting artefacts and learning about the past, and the need to interpret and understand history in order to ensure any mistakes can be used as an advantage for future generations to avoid. The dedication of some of the historians and curators I have spent time with in recent years has astounded me, and made me understand these are professions for people with a real passion about history. It was not difficult for me to relate to this driving passion for history and I am adamant my future will revolve around studying the past in one way or another.

I believe history is an incredible subject to study with as much rich diversity and complexity to rival any other topic. I am an extremely motivated individual and am keen to take on the challenge of studying history at the highest possible level.


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