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Human resource management is an area of industry and commerce that is ever-increasing in importance. It is an area that has gone from strength-to-strength as the emphasis on the workforce has developed in recent years, and now a vital cog in the machinery of any business.

It was by chance that I became interested in the real value of human resource management when I went on a work placement as part of my business studies GCSE course in secondary school. I was placed with a large pharmaceutical company for two weeks, and at first was horrified to find out I would be spending that time not with the chief executive as I had hoped, but in the human resources department. It would be accurate to say at that point in my life I had absolutely no idea what human resources was. Over the course of a fortnight, however, I quickly realised the sheer scale of the task the human resources team had on its hands when it came to managing a workforce of more than 3,000 people on just one site.

I took this new found knowledge with me through my A-Level studies where I achieved good grades in economics, mathematics and business studies and was always keen to try and apply what I had learned during my work experience to my time in college albeit it very limited in opportunity.

During my time in college I once again embarked on a two-week work experience placement, this time with the human resources department within a major NHS Trust, which once again proved to be a real eye opener. The sheer scale and diversity of the workforce that is needed to run an acute hospital is almost unparalleled. I found the number of different roles to be played out as part of such a large human resources team very interesting, and was pleased to be allowed to get involved in a number of workforce projects and develop my own understanding of human resource management. There were times during this work placement when emergency staffing policies were being implemented that I found out just how much pressure could be involved in this line of work, but I enjoyed every minute of it.

I feel there is a wealth of challenging and exciting opportunities to be found when examining effective human resource management in both the public and private sector

I want to further develop my skills and understanding of human resource management to enable me to pursue a career in this field once I complete my studies.

I am a very ambitious and driven individual and am focused on pursuing a career in the field of human resources. I feel this is an exciting area in the business world today and one that I have the ability and aptitude in which to succeed.


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