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Computers are the future. This is what I was constantly told when I was in junior school; thankfully it was a sound prediction. As soon as I used my very first computer, I was hooked and I have been ever since. I have spent the last decade honing my computer skills and am now looking forward to taking my education in IT and computing to the next level.

Nowadays there is no avoiding IT and Computing. Computers can be found in all walks of life and they are no longer things you simply find in school or at work. Computers and IT systems are now commonplace in our homes and even in our pockets, thanks to the ever-advancing technologies that have a huge impact on every day life.

I was fortunate as a child to have been given a computer as a Christmas present and it was something I cherished. While most of my friends amused themselves playing the computer games, I found myself more interested in following the programming instructions that came with the manual. Even though the programming was relatively basic, I found great satisfaction in typing in the coding.

As I grew up and computers quickly evolved in terms of their capabilities, so did my interest in them. I chose to take a computing course as soon as I had the opportunity in secondary school, already knowing I wanted to not only study computers, but work with them in the future. What started as a hobby really became an obsession when I had work experience in my final year in school. I was placed in the IT department at the city council. Not only did I get to see how computers supported and helped the running such a large organisation, I was given the opportunity to learn how the systems and servers knitted everything together. I was amazed at the complexity of maintaining such a large IT infrastructure, and this fuelled my passion to learn as much as I could in order to pursue a career in this field.

My enthusiasm and drive to learn about IT and computing helped me to achieve top grades when studying for my A-Levels. During my time at college I had already managed to arrange part time work with a local firm that specialised in IT systems. This gave me the opportunity to get some real hands-on experience, allowing me to put into practice the knowledge I had gained in school.

It is impossible to deny that the world around us today is driven by technology. From the very first moment I used a computer, my career path was set as I have always found the use of technology extremely fascinating. I am determined to continue my studies in IT and computing so that I can follow the career path my ambitions have always driven me towards.


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