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I would like to demonstrate through this statement that I have the necessary personal qualities, academic qualifications and desire to succeed and to complete this course to a high standard. I am a driven individual who is passionate about journalism and would sincerely welcome the opportunity to study at the University of Bedfordshire.

I am committed to achieving high standards which were proven in studying for my A-Levels. During this time, I received excellent results as well as regular positive feedback from my teachers. Comments included that I consistently met deadlines, worked well with others and responded positively to constructive criticism, which meant that my work has developed significantly over the time that I have been studying. I believe that this is due to a genuine desire to build a solid knowledge and skill base and a willingness to work hard to achieve my goals.

My short term goals include gaining a degree in journalism from an academic establishment that can help me nurture and develop the skills that I have already obtained, whilst simultaneously assisting me to gather new skills and journalistic talents. My long-term goals include working with a regional newspaper to gain some useful work experience and then to work for a national newspaper reporting on international news. I would also like to spend some time working as a freelance journalist so that I can learn about the various types of media.

In order to achieve my goals, I am attempting to gain a good education by working diligently at the tasks I am set. I have also undertaken some work experience with a local newspaper where I shadowed a reporter for two weeks. I enjoyed this valuable opportunity immensely and was able to gain an understanding of the reporting process. I assisted with reporting on local events by attending them and making notes. I also spent time at the office writing up the stories, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I learnt how the process worked in terms of getting the report edited, authorised and published.

Most importantly, this experience helped me to understand the benefit of good time management and organisational skills which are necessary due to the tight deadlines that newspapers work to. Whilst studying for my exams has meant that I have had some practice at employing these skills, I am seeking to expand and build upon them within the field of journalism.

Feedback from the work experience proved that I am an excellent team player, willing to share the knowledge that I have whilst learning from others. I am confident enough to work on my own initiative and also to ask for help and assistance when required. I was able to demonstrate my desire to become a journalist by staying longer than the required hours at the office and going the extra mile to ensure high professional standards were met. I was grateful for the opportunity to work at the newspaper and it has fuelled my desire to develop journalism as a career.

The next step for me is to study journalism as a degree and then to develop my work experience. I gained my first real taste of journalism in high school, where I worked on the school newspaper for nearly two years. During this time, I reported on school events and spent a month as editor. I never missed a deadline and was able to complete my school work to a high standard at the same time, which has been proven by my high GCSE grades.

I was commended by the Headmaster for my reporting abilities and my peers said that they enjoyed reading my reports. This helped me to gain confidence which meant that I was able to approach senior members of staff and ask questions that were controversial without causing offence. My English teacher stated that my language skills were above average and this compounded the idea that I should become a journalist. If possible, I would welcome the opportunity to work on a university publication in my spare time.

My hobbies include writing reports on international events so that I can develop my writing skills, and reading fictional stories and autobiographies. To keep fit, I like to go swimming and occasionally, I like to go dancing with my friends.

I am a sociable person who would enjoy being a part of an academic atmosphere and would sincerely welcome the opportunity to take the next step in achieving my goal of becoming a journalist. I am eager to learn and looking forward to being able to share my enthusiasm with like-minded peers and lecturers. If given a place at the University of Bedfordshire, I would be able to offer a dedication and passion for journalism, as well as a desire for excellent results and high standards.


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