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If you want to succeed in any form of business then it is vital to possess good management skills. Whether you are managing a large, medium or small workforce, or even yourself, having efficient management knowledge is essential.

As the world becomes a smaller place and the open market becomes increasingly competitive there is no room for complacency and decision making at the highest level is crucial to success. I have always wanted to succeed in business. Ever since I was old enough to decide which direction I wanted my education to go I have tried to gear my learning towards that of business management. I have tried to absorb as much knowledge as possible in the fields of business studies, economics and business management. That is why I feel the next step for me is to take on the challenge of a management course.

When I was younger I used to remember looking on in awe as my father would run his factory, making decisions, deciding who would do what and getting things done. He was a relatively successful businessman and after starting his company from nothing he built up a well established factory and was able to retire early and maintain a comfortable lifestyle. This is something I am determined to emulate. This is something I am determined to emulate. Although opportunities to strike out alone are not as rife in the current economic climate, I am not necessarily intending to start my own business. There are plenty of opportunities for ambitious graduates to take up trainee management positions with many companies, which is what I intend to do once I finish my studies.

I feel I would be the ideal candidate for a place on a management course as my results throughout my time in school and college will indicate, but there is more to me than just certificates. I also feel my strong sense of justice and my ethics would stand me in good stead a manager. During a work experience placement while I was in college I had the misfortune of spending two weeks with what I can only describe as a tyrannical managing director who treated his workforce appallingly. Unsurprisingly the productivity in the factory was low. I quickly realised that a good manager knows how to work with his staff to get the best for everyone. Better working conditions, better productivity. This is just one of the lessons I learned from my practical experience of the business management world.

With these firm beliefs and my driving ambition to make it in the world of business and commerce I feel taking on a management course would be the next logical step for me in terms of my education. I have never been put off by hard work and am willing to put all my efforts into making sure I succeed.


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