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We are exposed to marketing in all areas of our lives, whether it be at the supermarket, at work or in our leisure time. It is all around us, whether we are aware of it or not. It has developed from a purely creative practice into a science, and both these aspects of the subject fascinate me.

The creative aspect of marketing is what first drew me to the subject. I like to draw, and have won a number of local and regional awards for my work, with one award (to design a character to front a council recycling scheme) resulting in a small exhibition in my hometown.

This involved coming up with a character design, but also involved examining and explaining the reasons behind the choices made and why this would be effective as a mascot for the recycling scheme. It was at this time, in Year 10 at school, that I first considered a career in marketing.

My A-level choices further cemented this goal, and by studying business, media and law, I felt I was getting the necessary analytical, legal and management skills to transfer to a degree in marketing.

There are a number of marketing campaigns that I admire, and I am particularly interested in viral campaigns run through the Internet. One of my favourites was Burger King’s Subservient Chicken – where users could “Have it Your Way” and instruct the chicken to complete certain actions, like “jump”, “hide” and “cartwheel”. It was a clever marketing campaign that got people talking, but more importantly, it was interactive. This, I feel, is a good example of how a viral campaign can work.

Although I have not had direct experience of marketing, I have had a number of part-time jobs that have given me some exposure to it. For the last three years I have worked part-time at a High Street health and beauty store, where I worked on the checkout. I was also required to help with displays, which were pushing particular products. During our monthly team meetings we would get feedback on how those particular products had sold, allowing me to see which ones were successful and which ones were not.

Last year I acquired my Referring Qualification in football, and regularly referee youth football matches. This has helped me develop some excellent skills, including communication, analytical skills and the ability to weigh up situations and come to conclusions quickly. I also enjoy playing football in a Sunday League, which means I get to see football from both sides.

Going to university is the next step along the ladder to reach my goal of a career in marketing. My dream is to own my own marketing company, putting to use the knowledge and skills I am sure to develop during my studies. I have the will and the desire, and hope that I have done a good enough job of marketing myself to get the opportunity to follow this dream.


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