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“Mathematics is the sister, as well as the servant of the arts and is touched with the same madness and genius” (Morse, M. (1959), Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, p. 55). Mathematics is my type of art. I found my passion for this subject at an early age and now I am certain that Applied Mathematics is the ideal degree for me. It is the only degree that would fulfil my vocation whilst being the area where my strengths lie. There are several reasons why I consider myself a strong candidate in this area and why it is my vocation.

During my school years I have directed my A-Level studies towards Math-related areas: Mathematics, Physics and Information Technology. While studying for my A-Levels I enjoyed making connections between Maths and my other subjects, and I often found that Mathematics underlies other areas of knowledge – indeed some argue that it even underlies art. This made me wonder whether Mathematics really is the most fundamental truth, and it made me keen to explore further areas to which Mathematics can be applied. Of course the best way to fulfil this desire is to pursue a degree in Applied Mathematics.

My A-Level results were high, as was expected after the successful completion of nine GCSEs with grades ranging from A to C. I am a strong student and have also proved my abilities, specifically within Mathematics, by undertaking extracurricular work as a Math tutor for GCSE students. In doing so, I learned and improved on time management, organisation and communication skills. My time management and organisation skills were particularly boosted due to the fact that I was studying for my own A-Levels whilst tutoring other students in Mathematics. Perhaps most importantly, I proved to myself that I can achieve great results in Math-related areas, on my own initiative. I successfully helped students to ensure they had sufficient knowledge to achieve high results in their Maths exams and coursework, and I feel proud and confident of this achievement.

Having proved to myself that Mathematics is the right path for me, I began to search for the right university. The University of Aberdeen was the natural choice – like the people who formed the university, I am ambitious, driven and I strive for excellence in everything I do. Not only is the Mathematics Department highly rated in research and internationally recognised as a high quality faculty, it also offers the flexibility to choose your own approach to studying the subject. Personally, I would like to follow the path of Applied Mathematics, rather than Pure, and I feel that at the University of Aberdeen I would have the opportunity to prepare for a career where Mathematics can indeed be applied to real life situations to produce a real impact. I find this opportunity extremely encouraging and the fact that the teaching system is flexible is very reassuring. Also, through my Math tutoring I have discovered that I have a great interest in talking about Mathematics as well as learning it on paper. I was therefore very drawn to the statement on the university website that “if you like talking about Maths, then study at Aberdeen!”

Moreover, Aberdeen is widely recognised for providing great career opportunities, particularly within the oil industry, in which technical roles are abundant and graduates with backgrounds in Applied Mathematics are in high demand relative to other areas. The oil industry offers great opportunities both in finance and operational areas and I am drawn to the energy industry, which makes Aberdeen a very attractive option to me. Similarly, numerous jobs in financial services, particularly actuarial jobs, are often targeted towards Applied Mathematics graduates, as are jobs in Technology-related areas, in which I have also proved my interest by taking IT at A-Level. Therefore, I feel that my chosen degree, my chosen university and the city of Aberdeen form a great combination in terms of career prospects, and I find this very motivating.

The fact that the course is four years long is also a significant advantage over three-year courses. An extra year means that I would have a greater chance at excellence and time to acquire superior knowledge and expertise. It also means that I would have more time and opportunities for personal growth. I really look forward to starting university and I am sure it will be one of the best experiences of my life. I am most assured it will be this way if I get the chance to study at the University of Aberdeen.


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