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This is my application to the University of Greenwich, to study the MBA course. By completing my studies at Greenwich, this MBA will complement and enhance my Business and Management degree. The application is supported by my CV and evidence of my qualifications, references and my eligibility to study. This will verify the information contained within this application.

I am an extremely industrious student, and believe the more you put in to studying (as with all aspects of life), the more you get out of it. Studying increases knowledge, and confidence. This in turn increases curiosity, leading to further study. Since deciding I would like to complete an MBA to further my career, I have spent a great deal of time researching all of the options open to me.

From my research, the University of Greenwich is my first choice. I have compared this university with all the alternatives and have decided this is where I would like to study. This decision is due to the university’s good reputation in teaching, research and with their business partnerships.

These business partnerships, allows their students to research real life scenarios, and to apply theories to resolve these situations. I believe it is very important to gain a MBA from a university that is well known within the business sector for their progressive and high standard of teaching and development of students, and the University of Greenwich is a good example of this.

To succeed in life, you have to remain focussed on what is important to achieve the goal, and therefore it is important to know what you want and why this will help reach where you need to be. This is a self reflective process, which is not an easy one, but will identify why you want what you do. Part of this process is choosing and applying where you want to study.

From an early age I always enjoyed History and reading and on leaving school my interest in Business and Management increased. The study of History allows us to understand how as a race we have developed. The literature shows an insight into people’s understanding of the subject, therefore these two topics go together.

When I finish my studies I would like to combine these interests and work in an industry sector that will take account of this, for example in a museum or art gallery. I am not fully decided on where I would like to work, although it is good to stay focused on the desired goals.

After leaving school with 9 GCSEs all A-C grades I studied for my A levels, and attained three B’s in Business Studies, History and English Literature. From my interest in all three topics I studied a Business and Management degree at Bath Spa University. The area of Bath is steeped in history, so I spent much of my free time visiting local places of interest.

Throughout my studies I have always managed to gain part-time employment. This has assisted me in developing my employment skills whilst giving me vital work experience. The skills I have learnt include team-work, which is very important for any area of employment, and also communication and listening skills.

During my work experience I have been able to put Management theory into practice, allowing me to gain a deeper understanding of the topic. This transfer from theory into practice demonstrates the relevance of the well respected models and frameworks that I have been taught. Managing people requires an understanding of the organisation’s vision and the individual’s role within this, and it is the application of this vision that is important. One of the main Management skills required is empathy, an understanding of the employee’s role, and their issues within the work context as well as their personal circumstances.

This MBA will provide a deeper insight into Management theory and practice, which will add to my previous education and work experience. I believe the more you understand about the role of a manager and managing people, the more you can add to the role. My ambition is to be a good people manager who is respected and who is a strong motivator.

I have joined several societies during my studies which have included membership of the sports facilities, student welfare and as a member of the students union. It is good to be involved with all aspects of the university, to gain as much understanding as possible from the experience of student life.

A large part of university life is to get involved with activities on the campus, and one of my favourites is the debating club. It has been really good to mix with fellow students and to discuss topical interests. This allows me to listen and understand other people’s points of view, and also to input mine.

These are good life skills, and have been good fun to obtain. These have been extremely good opportunities to network and to establish well grounded beliefs. Please consider me for your course, and I will apply myself both to the studying and to campus life.


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