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I have always been an avid sportsman and played various sports at a competitive standard since I was a young boy. Like many young men my dream was always to run out on to the hallowed turf at Wembley Stadium in an FA Cup Final. Unfortunately I suffered a very serious knee injury about five years ago, which brought my involvement in playing sports to an untimely end. It was during my rehabilitation that I first realised just how vital a role physiotherapists play in helping people recover from their injuries. As I spent more time with the physiotherapists I became more intrigued by the role they played and the methods they practiced. I quickly developed a keen interest in physiotherapy, which is why I am now looking to pursue a course in physiotherapy at this level.

Throughout school I was always more interested in physical activities, than theoretical studies. While my grades in the core subjects of mathematics, English and the sciences were always above average, it was outside on the playing field I excelled. I was captain of the school football and rugby teams from the first year we were introduced to the sports, and that trend continued through to secondary school. I was already studying PE at the time and had a clear vision of taking my skills to a professional level as a coach. I had trials with a number of established football clubs and had spells in various youth academies, but was not convinced I was good enough to make a career as a professional footballer. I was, however, clearly focused on attaining the relevant coaching qualifications to become a professional football coach.

It was during my latter years in secondary school that I suffered a serous knee injury during a football match. While I understood the seriousness of the injury, at that time I did not realise just how much of a long-term impact this damage would have and that my playing days were over. This came as a real shock to me such was my love for playing sports.

Despite this setback I am not one for sulking and was still confident I could pursue a career in coaching, but this ambition slowly started to change as I spent more time with the physiotherapists who did such an amazing job in helping me get back into shape. As I started to learn more about the science and methodology behind what the physiotherapists were doing, I quickly realised the value of this vital service. While I understood that my playing days were over, certainly at a competitive level, I knew the value of this treatment for professional sports men and woman and that this was something I was deeply interested in. With their help I was able to start running and take part in light training again comfortably.

I have now finished my A-Level studies and have the relevant qualifications needed to enrol on a physiotherapy course, which is what I am extremely interested in doing. With the increasing need for physiotherapy staff in sports I now have a new ambition, and may one day run out on to the hallowed turf at Wembley in an FA Cup Final after all.


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