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I have always found it strange when people declare they have no interest in politics, especially as there is politics at play in almost everything we do and in every walk of life. On hearing that word many people automatically assume you are only referring to what occurs within the walls of Westminster, however politics has a role to play in the home, the workplace, in leisure and hobby clubs, right up to the level where it is used to organise and administrate nation states.

It is this intriguing level of detail that has convinced me to further my studies in this field, combined with my keen interest in global relations and affairs. To truly understand politics, and how it has such an impact on every aspect of life I think it will be of great benefit to combine it with a syllabus that also examines international studies.

Like the majority of people I did not really take any notice of politics until I had completed my secondary education. I had a vague understanding of the more established political parties competing within the British parliamentary system, but no real understanding of the subject. When it came to selecting my A-Levels I wanted a new challenge, something different from the staple subjects I had been used to throughout my schooling life, and I was quickly drawn to the social sciences – particularly politics and government. It did not take long for me to realise how little I knew and I constantly found myself eager to learn more. Not only was I learning about the political systems that ran from the heart of the nation’s capital into the town and village halls across the UK, but I was also being introduced to the political systems and ideologies from other nations – and this really caught my attention. Being fortunate enough to have been raised in a relatively stable and moderate political nation I, like most people, have been sheltered from the more extreme elements of politics, and the varying regimes and conflicts across the world. This has given me a great desire to learn more.

I want to develop my understanding not only of the political ideologies behind the agendas of parties in our political system, but also want to get to the very root and origins of those ideologies in their purest forms. I am also relishing the opportunity to compare and contrast these differing ideologies and political systems to those of other nations, and closely examine how these nations forge relationships and live alongside one another.


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