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Nothing intrigues me more than unearthing the driving factors that make society tick. From trying to understand the beliefs and ideologies that shape society, to the personal experiences and behaviour that develop our individual characters, the social sciences hold the key to a wealth of knowledge and learning.

I was first drawn towards the social sciences when I moved into secondary education. After years of what felt like enduring a repetitive cycle of studying mathematics, English and the physical sciences I wanted a complete change, something to interest me as I was committed to developing my higher education as far as I possibly could. I went to enrol at college with an open mind, and my attention was quickly drawn towards the subjects of politics and government, sociology and psychology. I had never had the option of studying these topics before and after arriving at my college rather subdued, I left with a real sense of excitement about taking my first steps into further education.

At first I found these subjects to be rather simplistic, and was easily able to relate what I was learning to the world around me. This was, however, just the tip of the iceberg with respect to each subject and little did I know about the wealth of knowledge I was about to be exposed to.

While I imagine each of these topics alone would provide enthralling study, I found this overarching study of social science I had chosen to take on gave me an excellent overview. Learning about each of these individual areas I was able to understand how society worked from a variety of different perspectives. It was also important to learn the vast array of differing theories as to how society works, and how individuals are driven, and how all of these factors and behaviours are related and affect one another.

The most appealing elements of my studies was the fact that unlike many physical sciences there were, in the pursuit to understand social science, relatively few absolute truths. This field of study is filled with conflicting theories, opinions and arguments and there is constantly changing in tandem with the world around us.

I am now looking to further develop my understanding of social science with a view to starting my own research. I have found myself drawn towards the sociological area of study more so than any other, but firmly believe and overarching understanding of social science will be of more benefit when it comes to compiling accurate and fully reflective studies. I have already started to develop very strong beliefs, but want to be able to fully investigate and bring them to the fore in the most accurate and strongest possible way.

I feel understanding and interpreting social science is a valuable tool in bringing the world around us closer together. Once we can all appreciate this wonderful diversity and the way in which it all relates I feel the world will be a better place and I wish to be part of this study by developing my own understanding of social science.


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