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Since I got my hands on my first chemistry kit as a youngster I have been fascinated by science. The sciences hold the answers and explanations to everything we see around us, and the sheer wealth of knowledge that remains untapped is astounding. It is both this present level of understanding and as of yet undiscovered knowledge that draws me to the sciences.

As a youngster I was quickly captivated by science. I was an extremely quick learner and constantly wanted answers. I was intrigued by the simplest of things, such how as magnifying glass could be used to set dried grass alight, why you could see your breath on a cold morning, and why birds could fly. I spent my early years absorbing the information from books as fast as my parents could find them, and this reflected in my schoolwork.

By the time I came to sit my GCSE examinations, in which I received top grades in physics, biology, chemistry and mathematics, I was already familiar with much of the syllabus I would be following when I moved to college. During this time arrangements were also made for me to spend my two-week work experience period in the city’s museum of science and technology, which I enjoyed considerably. At first I had been disappointed to find no research facilities willing to take on a teenager for a two-week placement, but my two weeks at the museum turned out to be more than satisfactory. Learning about how the first experiments were carried out, and how these findings were analysed, utilised and developed to help advance our understanding of the world around us. For the first time I really put into perspective just how much humanity has managed to learn over thousands of years, while realising just how small this quantity of understanding could be.

My thirst for scientific knowledge has never diminished since my early years and I see my future devoted to a broad spectrum of scientific study. At this time I am not ready to devote my attention to one particular field and am keen to continue learning about the sciences as a whole. The greater my understanding of the different elements of the scientific world the better equipped I feel I will be when the times comes to focus my attentions towards a more specialised field of study and research.

I feel developing such a broad understanding of the sciences will inevitably be beneficial to any scientific research I undertake in future years. Understanding the whole picture, so to speak, can only be beneficial if I do decide to specialise my learning in future years.

I feel I have the necessary understanding, qualifications and personal drive to successfully take on a course in the sciences. My ambition is to be involved in a wide range of pioneering of scientific study and I feel this is the obvious choice for the next stage of my education.


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