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My desire to undertake the Bachelors of Veterinary Medicine course offered by the University of Liverpool stems from my ambition to pursue a career that satisfies both my intellectual nature and my deep commitment to animal health and welfare issues. I believe the comprehensive programme offered by Liverpool would equip me with the necessary theoretical and practical skills to allow me to pursue such a career and therefore go a long way in meeting my life aims, both on a professional and a personal level.

On the academic front, I possess a sound foundation in Biology and Chemistry, both integral to the study of Veterinary Medicine, having achieved an A grade at A-Level in both disciplines. My grades in these modules highlight both my knowledge retention and reflect my personal enjoyment of the material. These were taken alongside an A-Level in Mathematics (A) that I believe further reinforces my skill sets placing a premium on learning method and applying key principles to varying situations. In addition to my A-Level scores; I possess nine solid GCSEs, with superior grades in the biological sciences. To gain a more precise insight into the Veterinary profession, I attended a series of public seminars on Veterinary Medicine held by the Royal Veterinary College in London which both reinforced that this was the career I wished to pursue and gave me confidence in my ability to undertake the necessary study. I was particularly fascinated by a seminar entitled Potential Applications of Nano-Technology in the field of Animal Welfare, a topic I hope to research further in my studies.

On the professional front, I can call upon a wealth of experience that has confirmed for me that this is the career I want and I believe prepared me for it. Throughout my time in the Sixth Form and for part of my gap year, I have been volunteering at my local animal rescue centre. My time there has furnished me with direct experience of working with sick and ailing animals and has allowed me to develop both professional competencies by working alongside qualified staff, and crucially allowed me to develop the required emotive skills. I have worked with a variety of dogs, cats, birds and other animals. My regular duties have included cleaning the living area and kennels and various feeding duties. In sum, these have allowed me to develop knowledge of safe practise and a personal relationship with the animals. On occasion, I have been able to interact with visiting vets and observe basic procedures such as immunizations and external injury treatments. These experiences proved wonderfully insightful and helped me build a foundational base in knowledge of professional animal welfare.

Through my contacts at the animal rescue centre, I was able to arrange a 2-month internship with the Kruger Animal Services Foundation, a South African based animal welfare group that specialise in veterinary care for larger animals. I spent March and April of my gap year in South Africa, working directly with animals in their natural habitat. I accompanied surgeons and specialists into wildlife parks and observed the treatment of park-based Lions, Tigers, Gazelles and other such animals. This wonderful experience coupled with my local volunteering work has confirmed for me the personal satisfaction of pursuing a career in animal welfare, and I believe the diversity of my experiences encompassing both small and large animals leaves me in good stead to develop professional clinical skills. My time in South Africa allowed me to observe clinical practice first hand and showed me the various cultural and technical factors that can impact the type of animal care, which has helped me to develop cultural sensitivity.

On a personal note, I believe I am naturally compassionate and caring with a proven commitment to animal welfare and rights issues. I believe this personality trait allows me to both bond with animals and interact positively with the family of pets. Further to this, I believe my diverse set of interests and activities would allow me to positively contribute to the University of Liverpool socially. I am a keen games player, in particularly Tennis, which I play at club-level and middle distance running, wherein I represented the combined schools team in competition with other school district teams. I would love to pursue both activities further, and acceptance to Liverpool would afford me that opportunity. Furthermore, I am an avid fan of cultural excursions therefore the location of the city, coupled with its world class transport infrastructure make it an ideal location for me from which to travel, and indeed it offers a magnificent historical experience in its own right.

I have long wished to be a vet and Liverpool offers an education and kaleidoscope of social opportunities that make it the ideal location for me to pursue my dreams.


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